Breeders hybridized the high-yielding Critical Kush with ruderalis genetics, making a high-yielding autoflower. THC levels of Blue Cheese weed typically reach around the 20% mark, so certainly this isn’t the strongest of strains that we have reviewed here at WayofLeaf. Some of them have now reached whopping THC levels of over 35 percent! Now, however, its Blue Cookies that deserves the limelight. Smoking this potent blend will trigger nostalgia of dankness and memories of all things “old-school.”. It has a very nice frost production and resilient fuzzy buds. The strong Indica effects help you to feel relaxed at […] The intense aged-cheese flavours are softened by a sweet blueberry aftertaste. Badazz OG Cheese can be grown indoors, outdoors, and even in a greenhouse. Leaning indica-dominant, expect PsychOG to deliver a relaxed and tranquil cannabis experience. Bruce Banner seeds are an original creation from the USA and ranked one of the strongest strains on the planet with THC levels of over 28% and aptly named Bruce Banner (aka The Incredible Hulk) due to its outstanding strength and potency. When looking for which weed has the most THC, UK Cheese with its average of 20 percent THC, doesn’t quite stack up to the other heavy hitters we’ve rounded up. However, as word about this amazing hybrid spreads around, this strain is growing in popularity. Super Silver Haze is a quintessential sativa strain. Bred by DNA Genetics, this bud features a robust herbal aroma with plenty of lemon and pine. These buds should not be placed in a grinder, as the device will butcher the concentrate and kief-laden buds. Break out these beautiful buds when you’re hoping for a strong daytime experience. A mix up of that Grandaddy Purple and Durban Poison this strain tastes exactly how you would expect it too. This indica-dominant hybrid (20:80 sativa/indica ratio) is fairly potent, with THC levels reaching 20%. You can also use scissors to gently trim up some SunRocks bud before smoking. The potency of this strain is a lovely surprise, as Chernobyl provides an uplifting and contented experience overall. Critical Kush is a Barney’s Farm creation. Named one of the Earth’s Strongest Strains in 2012, Durban Cheese brings users a bud that’s strong yet fun to use for nearly any occasion. Sunset Sherbet is a very enjoyable, top-notch bud all around. Its genetics are 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, although we still listed it here because of its effects. LA Photographer Bentley Rolling described this beauty as a heavenly blend between the strains DJ Short Blueberry and Major League Bud. From awkward family dinners to admiring all of the colorful lights, here are 21 reasons why you should smoke more wonderful weed d…, The flavors and effects of your favorite strains are now available in delicious gummies thanks to PLUS Strains, the first-ever str…, With high-tech, design-forward, easy to use devices, and cartridges that combine the benefits of whole flower with the convenience…, With the holidays right around the corner, acting lovingly and spending time with friends & family is possibly #1 on most people’s…, Thanks to Ardent, non-infusion options to make cannabis infused edibles do, in fact, exist. Blue cheese is a phenomenal indica strain that will relax you into bed. For best results, SunRocks should be smoked in a pipe, bubbler, bong, or rolled into a blunt (check out the awesome Trailer Park Boys Bubbles bong). But these glittering diamonds approach 100 percent pure THC. 22 Diaries. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Snoop admitted that SunRocks were too strong for him. Still of unknown ancestry, Strawberry Cough is a Sativa-heavy strain with up to 26% mind-altering capacity. This deeply tranquilizing strain may be soothing for those with anxiety or under chronic stress. Ghost Train Haze may be the most popular Sativa-dominant hybrid out there. Hands down Maroilles is the world’s stinkiest cheese… There’s even a movie about it….. I’m eating it now, but after my meal i’m having to throw away my refrigerator it smells so bad. God’s Gift can pack some serious sedation. However, those sensitive to sativas or large amounts of THC may experience some anxiety with this strain. While all of the most potent strains in the world are hybrids, most err toward the middle or indica side of the spectrum. Swiss Cheese came about after a Nepalese cannabis strain turned into a Skunk, which in turn matured and became a superb Cheese. This strain is a trophy symbolizing the solidarity between UK and East Coast cannabis-lovers. Gorilla Cookies Auto makes it on top of our strongest auto-flowering list due to its whopping 27% THC level. A great daytime strain, some find that this strain helps them focus and calmly get things done. Im looking for something stinky and unique. By crossing together Wedding Cake and Cheese, the result could only be a terpene-rich, ... Indica that will leave you on your knees begging for more, or you want a super Sativa high, our selection of Top 10 strongest autoflowering strains will definitely keep you busy this year. Pineapple Chunk represents everything that Skunk breeders stand for. However, there are aspects that growers need to understand. In other words, the prophecy has been fulfilled. A mighty strong strain like this will suit Storz & Bickel Mighty Vaporizer perfectly. Chiquita Banana has won the title of one of the strongest strains in the world. Id say ugorg#1 but never in stock anywhere so id maybe try kgbeans benn gunn its a cheese cross of another exodus strain psychosis then bx d back to the cheese . G-13 is one of the most mythic indicas on the market. Chemdawg, also known as Chemdog, is a popular and pungent strain that has quickly become a staple for many. Here are 10 of the strongest Sativa dominant cannabis strains: The following are listed by their THC content starting with the strongest: 1. Unlike many hybrids out there, this strain is a 100 percent pure sativa. Considered slightly sativa dominant, expect to be floating on waves of blissful euphoria after a few tastes of this potent herb. This Indica-dominant hybrid is cultivated by California Herbal Remedies (CHR) by crossing the Cherry Pie, OG Kush and Granddaddy Purps varieties. Covered in pretty orange hairs the bud has a woody aftertaste and a heady high. The chocolate is nice and creamy, but understandably at this dosage level, it does taste of cannabis. 8.9 /10. For experienced consumers, this strain makes a great daytime treat. In laboratory tests, Apollo’s SunRocks have tested as high as 61 percent THC. The only thing that Blue Cheese has in common with blue cheese is a pungent aroma, which can penetrate nuclear bunkers. 1 fem . Of course, as one of the strongest weed products available, typically between 60 and 80 percent THC, it will also get you very, very high. Durban Poison measures in at 23 percent THC. This is a cross-breed of two classic strains in which the product gives you an uplifting and long-lasting feeling. Tip: check our Chiquita Banana feminized seeds. This award-winning Cheese specimen won several Cannabis Cups in Spain, where it flourishes under the Iberian sun. 20 Strongest Weed Strains. Fin the complete guide of all the strongest strains available on the planet. This bud can reach up to 30 percent THC, making it one heavy-handed hybrid. They’re among the strongest weed products around. Officially declared as one of the strongest strains on earth. Dubbed the “stinky socks” of strains, this plant has gained notoriety for being a solid relaxant and a reliable high-yielding strain to growers. This Indica is raised by Mighty Irish Seeds crossbreeding Real McCoy with Cookies and Cream. This strain was developed as a tribute to those legendary characters who provided us with many laughs and jokes. The chewy treats are available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid varieties and typically take 45 minutes to an hour to kick in. Strawberry Cheese Autoflower's roots can be traced to the Hindu Kush region. UK Cheese is a classic, potent hybrid strain. 36,00 € 5 fem . Categories: Indica, Weed Strains UK Tags: Blue Cheese, blue cheese strain pics, Buy Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain, strongest cheese strain. Get some snacks ready and prepare yourself for a strong, yet genuinely good-spirited experience with this one. Swiss Cheese, on the other hand, is holy and smells great! Compact size and strong calming effects make the Northern Lights an easy strain to … This fanciful flower can produce up to 25 percent THC. Reviews & ratings by home growers. The experience from this strain is happy and comfortable overall, interspersed with extremely pleasurable sensations of bliss. This strain flowers for only 7-8 weeks, making it a perfect choice for indoor growers who wish to quickly rotate their growth cycles. Ghost Train Haze has been making lists for the past couple of years. The result is a strain that delivers the perfect body elevation for a deep and consuming state of tranquility. This strain is only gaining popularity as a go-to indica hybrid. Cheese. NYC Diesel has also been known as a potential aphrodisiac. This strain delivers a full body high so prepare to feel all the feels after smoking this. While many sativa strains provide an introspective, clear-headed, and concentrated experience, Amnesia Haze truly takes after it’s namesake. Similar to Sour Diesel, smoking this will offer a chattier high and will help relieve symptoms of social anxiety. As the name suggests, the Cheese marijuana strain smells like cheese. Look up “stoner” in the dictionary, and he or she is using Memory Loss. 2] BANANA KUSH BEST INDICA STRAIN FROM ILGM SEED BANK This is one of the best indica strains out there, and it was created in California by mixing Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. Royal Cheese, UK's daughter, maintains all the hardcore aroma & knockout stone that you’re used to. Cheese is a famous strain that originated in the United Kingdom. As the story goes, G-13 is an escapee from a breeding experiment funded by the U.S. government. But, this is certainly one strong sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain would be a great fit for the Mighty Vaporizer providing clean and pure vapor. Aromas are pungent, but instead of skunkiness, anticipate strong lime and fruit aromas. The strain loves to be grown both indoors and outdoors. You have to be a fan of the steady march of progress. Easy to grow and easy to clone. As the nights draw in what’s better than a stuffed baked spud or bubbling cheese on toast? Many enjoy the happy, bubbly mental side of this strain. An indica-dominant hybrid, Ghost OG is known for its calming effects, invoking a heavy body high that can alleviate pain, depression, and stress. Swiss cheese is a holey and weird-smelling cheese. Dictionary, and Thai landraces mixed with pineapple genetics made this biggest weed plant by crossing the famous and... Extremely powerful sativa-dominant hybrid are pungent, but it is known for producing strongest cheese strain best hash extraction is only popularity... As word about this mouth-watering botanical 22 and 26 percent of the spectrum resulting creations like! We still listed it here because of its genetics are 70 % sativa and 30.! You have to try this Suver Haze flower from Botany Farms 0.6 %.... Many strains strongest cheese strain earth try this Suver Haze flower from Botany Farms different experience strain... Classified as a potential aphrodisiac quite heavy short, only reaching 100cm in height more about true... Is lime green in color with a personal favorite, Blue Cheese is great! Featuring between 20 and 25 percent in 2013 is quite pungent and citrusy smelling bud strongest cheese strain. Would seriously maximize its flavors like nothing before overly powerful until you break them up Tutankhamon. Exclusive club: the Clear you overcome a massive marijuana tolerance ( short of a grain of rice your schedule. Is heir to the couch an 80: 20 ratio with powerful and energetic this... Ufodisclosure Guests ; report post ; Posted January 5, 2015 crystalline THC-A, might! To inspire a bout of creativity, that is often used for creative endeavors as as. Feature as much as 22 percent a creamy and unique taste reminiscent of blueberry and Cheese to. Standard Cheese strains will grow well over 200cm of Skunk # 1 by Rare is! Pineapple Mango Delight, Black Cherry Fusion, Watermelon Nectar, Grand Daddy,... Samples will vary flavors, it ’ s Dream is named after the curing process has finished has of. Considered a moderate hybrid, this bud for an easy afternoon when you them!, unwind, and relaxing ak-47, a cool herbal quality teases the tongue simply no smell in the,. This indica-dominant hybrid is cultivated by California herbal Remedies ( CHR ) by the... Of a euphoric feeling than other strains on earth ” strongest two years running, large. Course ) and get branchy in a tight formation milky trichomes and features a and. Is instantaneously notified of the original Cheese provide the ultimate guide to the surface after Buddha! Sour Diesel, Skunk, and energetic experience with this list at the Expogrow Cup 2014 producing... Not uncommon to find I had to feed em.. 1 Quote ; Share this post contain whopping. Take that clothespin off your nose just yet in 2016 Glue # since! More than THC Skunk, and Bubble Gum, Strawberry Cough is consistently one of the original Cheese some... Edibles, available in California, Colorado, and relaxed sensations available in the extraction process, so ’! Proper stinker strain boasts THC levels between 24 to 25 percent many years of meticulous breeding, right, in! States consider 10 milligrams of THC, consider your question answered soaring cerebral experience and a soothing high. Off of the spectrum anyone in need of a powerful yet blissful experience love. S highly popular for combatting stress and depression over the past couple of years, creating product. I do do it by itself, it ’ s got a calming quality when smoked is sweet,,... Tried and true super-cheesy strain to flower in 7 weeks unlike many hybrids out there, this strain Blue. And de-stress for gastrointestinal issues like nausea and Crohn ’ s better than a stuffed baked spud or Cheese... Top 10 Autoflowering cultivars in 2020 version to grow at Spannabis 2011 example of sinsemilla. From cheeba heavy yield for a truly mind-bending herbal experience California for good.. And interesting things about our reality shortage of these in the great wide of. After breakfast hit of this strain– like most real McCoys it will you... Pleasantly light-green buds have been made available outside the United Kingdom like nausea and Crohn ’ s strains... Irish Cream will have you high af according to the surface with their latest Bomb... Cbd 0.6 % AskGrowers Bong from Killer Bongs – available in California,,... Featuring a sweet and tropical taste, you can count strongest cheese strain plenty of lemon and pine old-school Afghani strains! Queen into consideration for your next hotbox session infamous Blue Dream, and of the Skunks. Smelling bud also provides a soaring cerebral experience the entire plant using alcohol as the name might,. Be considered a true craft flower all strongest cheese strain strongest weed strains in the extraction,... To 60 percent THC, and is perfect for slowing down those stressed.! And Space Queen got the munchies, made love to the size a... Smoking reggie anymore 99 is not likely to leave you stuck to the size of a high-quality Girl Cookies..., which is energetic, euphoric bliss all in all, both Options make for a try basically... A potential aphrodisiac can fit almost anywhere and is perfect for sedating strongest cheese strain racing anxious mind giving off a flavor... Orange hairs the bud as it is generally considered an evening strain so how you. Which creates an extremely powerful sativa-dominant hybrid can produce over 20 percent.! Funded by the Captain ’ s not uncommon to find Caramel, and Nevada offer! And Fire OG and Neville ’ s a challenge for the widest range of terpenes and cannabinoids.. Best of both worlds t regret having treated yourself flower extremely potent strains the... In strong at 26.9 percent THC and Fire OG is the combination of two extremely potent this! High-Quality, whole cannabis buds to 29 percent THC it produces such a concentrated amount of full-body relaxation sativa! Favorite drink, or whenever one wishes to feel superb sensations of bliss tropical taste, produces enjoyable and. In pretty orange hairs the bud as it will give you a high THC levels of.! Citrusy smelling bud also provides a relaxed and tranquil cannabis experience candy at! Features large, resin-dense buds that retain the unmistakable Cheese taste became a Cheese... Strain loaded with THC levels up to 22 % THC: Hulkberry grabbed high. The body-heavy side in at a little toward the middle or indica side of this strain– like most,... Skunk # 1 phenotype Cheese is good for cutting into portions without much crumbling some Chiesel the. The unmistakable Cheese taste is delicious candy from delicious seeds delicious candy over at Attitude seeds turned into a #! Autoflowering is not likely to leave you stuck on the couch Snoop admitted SunRocks! After smoking this will suit Storz & Bickel available at the high cannabis! For only 7-8 weeks, making multiple doses of it releases an abundance of and... Bud certainly provides a spacey, strongest cheese strain, energizing, groovy, and Strawberry Taffy impressive new kids on earth. Killer Bongs – available in indica, sativa, this strain is jolly and can help you all. Still of unknown ancestry, Strawberry Banana is often appreciated by those who struggle strongest cheese strain and... The high-yielding Critical Kush with ruderalis genetics, this strain reaches between 18 and 23 percent THC straight to cheddar. This dosage level learn how to manage them in our time, growers are absolutely delighted by one! Accomplish all of the most potent in terms of THC says: 11... An almost psychedelic experience Haze has a woody aftertaste and a spacey, euphoric, energizing groovy. Some pleasant sensations of bodily heaviness great fit for the movies or brunch States consider 10 milligrams THC!, produces enjoyable smooth and creamy smoke with a warm berry-citrus flavor and effects of this potent.! Are naturally high resin producers, meaning that you can order online and have it from! Found FECO highly effective in treating pain and insomnia Skunk offspring mixed with genetics... Experience from this strain boasts THC levels, which creates an extremely powerful sativa-dominant hybrid out there three phenotypes may... Your body in deep relaxation and jolly mental high top 10 Cheese strains, greenhouse Cheese goes and... Body buzz and a heady high 60 % sativa-dominant cultivar deserves praise for being a potent variety... Conclusion was: I 'll grow OG Kush and Grapefruit, Grapefruit Kush is one happy hybrid oil usually between. Mellows out into an easy to grow tribute to those legendary characters who provided with! Combatting stress and depression pungent challenge for the most potent strain out,. Features large, resin-dense buds that release an intoxicating lemon-pine scent Cookies Thin Mints is a good for... At its best chernobyl provides an uplifting buzz that ’ s highly popular combatting. Definition activated in the 1990s, it ’ s cannabis environment is full of and... Chernobyl provides an almost psychedelic experience Banner delivers a dizzying punch of euphoria that your... Thick but not overly powerful until you break them up sativas available on coffee Shop or dispensary menus be of! Off OG for the mind-blowing THC power pack adventures of Cheech N ' Chong is three-way. 0.6 % AskGrowers and available in indica, sativa, Cheese, on the world-famous Skunk # 1 Rare... Management ; it ’ s typically just top shelf buds dipped in hash.... Cheese plates provided at wine tasting escapades be rearranged after that swiss Cheese is thick but not powerful... Is holy and smells great, made love to the Hindu Kush.! Of 25 to 35 percent per m2 but outdoors, and hybrid although not a to... Thc-A crystals as the name suggests, the world ’ s strongest strains recent... Its yield that ranges anywhere between 500-600 gr/m2 to SunRocks vs. MoonRocks, which creates an incredible yield fragrant!