Waxing and sugar paste are one of the gentlest ways to remove unwanted hair. Waxing is suitable for both women and men.

Depilation of calves

Effective hair removal perfectly removes all unwanted hair

350 Kč

Depilation of thighs

Thigh waxing will give your thighs smooth, hair-free skin for several weeks

350 Kč

Depilation of the entire leg

Removing unwanted hair from the surface of the entire leg

650 Kč

Depilation of the hands

Traditional hair removal from the surface of the hand

350 Kč

Depilation of the chest

Removing hair from the chest for several weeks

450 Kč

Depilation of the back

Back waxing to remove unwanted hair

450 Kč

Depilation of intimate areas

Hair removal from intimate areas

550 Kč

Underarm waxing

Armpit hair removal

250 Kč